No politics in preserving sovereignty of a nation. Use army and talk later, otherwise, we go to civil war. Do we want to learn how to wage a war?

Learning while playing a game of war for real isn’t fun at all, because there will be real dead policemen or men.

Sabah is no more safe for all Malaysians. It is under siege. And when that is happening, Malaysia army should take over in enforcing order, no matter what the consequences that be. That is the price Malaysia has pay for its sovereignty.

Forget about the claim by the Sulu, in fact, Malaysia should cooperate with Philippine authority to attack Tawi Tawi and the Islands nearby and destroy all enemies of the state in that region. They are the pirates of Sulu Sea, and are the trouble makers for centuries.

If this is not properly coordinated Malaysia will soon see a civil war between locals Malaysian or Sabahan and Suluq who were given temporary citizenship. The dual citizenship of Suluq does not give any advantage to Sabahan. In fact they are the enemy of the state as their loyalty is still with their self-proclaimed sultan or sultans.

Malaysia government seems very concern with century old claim which has lost in the time frame. While Sabahan has chosen to be in Malaysia, Suluq however think that they are the master by enrolling citizenship to a number of 800,000 people strong in Sabah.

Suluq should obey today’s government and the Yang Di Pertuan Agung and not their appointed sultan or sultans. If they are around the state but obeying the sulu sultanate, if it is still an operative ruling council of that region, they should not be given citizenship send back to Tawi Tawi.

We should protect Bangsa Moro who is more credible party to rule the southern Philippine Island including Mindanao.

Please let the army finish the job and don’t be afraid to defense our sovereignty at all cost. We can even attack their Islands and help Philippine and the region resolve the century old pirate activities within the water of Sulu Sea. Religion is only a politics, but the truth is about other nations is a prime important issue. Not religion.

My opinion. It does not imply that it is of my government opinion.

Provinces and regions of the Philippines

Provinces and regions of the Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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