My Chinese Malaysian friends say Dap is a lousy party, it is similar how Malays see Pas

Now I feel my Chinese friends, the Malaysian ones, are back with me.

Never before I feel that I’ve lost so many good friends. Not until Dap won the states of Penang and Selangor, it was the time that the feeling of losing true friends was in my heart, beating away my trust against them for no apparent reason.

So the time goes by and DAP does not make what it should be a party that can bridge friendship to a greater height. In fact it creates fragmentation within a society which once believed in hard work together for a greater prosperity.

Five years long in which I’ve lost my friends. They went away into the mist and the sound of hollow superiority. They too had lost people who they trust once before, who together had built dreams for the nation’s prosperity.

Now they are back. I too realised that working alone won’t bring me anywhere, as much as they too felt the same as I had.

Well, my friends, welcome back. After all where do we go after we live here? Don’t think that we will be here forever. Sometimes we need a little effort to know that we are here for a reason. That reason is to learn and trust one another, and truly love our diversity.

Happy Chinese New Year. Ghong Xi Fatt Choi. Hey bro, where is my angpow? Ha ha ha.


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