Hudud goes modern, except public hanging, for criminals in Iran

tehran style

A modern machine instead of chopping hands using a sword.

tehran stlye

Public hanging is still preferred for cases involving adultery or other heavier sharia offences. Minor cases like hair cut, probably your nose will be hammered or sliced into half.

Probably, by any reason, what has MCA told us that by voting DAP would make an easy ploy by PAS to introduce similar machine in cutting hand, or nose, or whatever it wanted to cut off, in defense of Islamic rules, such as minor offences by non Malay‘s harry-cuts, is right after all. So you the Chinese, still want to pull big brothers DAP  along side walking the path to the highway of hell?.

Think twice. I am an intelligence person, like you. So, you better make a good choice. Don’t follow low-class politicians who have no standard.

PS: Some nuts in PAS say William death body was a carcass. Bloody shit low-class nincompoop politicians.  


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