Lim Guang Eng: PAS Syura says “no” to the use of word Allah for God. Okay ini kepala bapak hang, itu kepala bapak dia, hang pijak kepala bapak dia. Aku suruh dia orang pijak kepala bapak hang. Okay tak?


They say NO.

You asked the government on Christmas day to allow Christians using the word Allah in the Malay bible in translation from the word of God.  Your partner, PAS, at first was making a divided decision, one was against and one was for it.  Now the bureau of which is responsible for a collective decision on the issue decided “NO” to your request. No need for the government responding to your request at all.

Okay. Since both of you are going through bad patches on many issues, I like to propose to you a gentlemen solution to your request. Here, I place a piece of paper that indicates it is your father’s head. On the other hand, I also place another piece of paper that indicates Nik Aziz’ head.

You stomp on Nik Aziz head, okay, by storming on the paper which indicates his head. Okay. I will tell Nik Aziz that you had stomped his head, and see what happen. Okay.

You see, I like you to be a better kid. By stomping on his head, you become a true man. Not half a man and another half a woman. Sometimes, we don’t know whether we are truly a man or not. Who know may be part of you is actually a woman.


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