Look Arifin, Prof, Chinese DAP as corrupt as anyone in the world, willing to swop MB post with 10,500 acres of forest land. Its not a race factor. Only DAP is a race factor, and you weren’t even elected.

So sorry Ariifin, your professorship means nothing to me. You don’t even know how to carry on a research on your own party’s character.

With some research, my conclusion is that DAP is a chauvinistic racist party despite the fact you guys say otherwise. be appointed by Lim Guang Eng into CEC is also bring no meaning. And you dare to bombard a racial slur against Malays in the government, and that the composition in the government services may be the reason for corruption in this country.

And you know very well, the government services make up mainly Malay. How dare you say that?. You aren’t even being selected by the Chinese to say your words against the Malays?. Are you really a Malay or what, just wonder.

Please don’t stop criticizing when the issue of corruption crops up within your own group. Where is your voice?. You see, corruption comes from power, and sure enough when you hold power in Perak, you too are having a similar corrupt practice as you are accusing the others. It is not race a matter. So Chinese is not corrupt yeah, but then how do you explain your theory when this time around it involves Chinese DAP?.  How do you explain that?.

The thing is that DAP comes into power only for  a term, and you are already corrupted. You think what you are saying about Malay positions in the government services are prone to corruption was right huh?.

Please lah Arifin, have your voice heard at all level about corruption which involved Chinese DAP too. And remember this, corruption does not relate to race. Even the Maya were corrupted, and so the Italian. What more the Chinese!!!.


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