Another middle-middle supporter, oh my, he is really a turtle just like Nizar.


I don’t choose lairs, do you?. In the end, DAP is a liar and hunger for money, despite what they say about its transparency. Shit, you are.

I always laugh when reading Arif Sabri’s blog, either because it’s funny or may be it is out-of-place. Or perhaps I am reading a blog from a person who is living in the Planet of Apes, you know that kind of person who cannot ride a horse, a forbidden activity for human.

The next political tsunami is inevitable. On whose side do you stand?

In his new post, I read the first paragraph and the last one. I have made it easy for you by quoting his word. “The next political tsunami is inevitable”. He said that with confidence, perhaps his confidence level is 99.9%, you know the correlation in the statistic. It is a sure event. And then out of sudden he asked, “On whose side do you stand?”. Oh my, from 99.9% confidence level to below 0%, when asking people on which side do we stand. He he he he. He isn’t confidence either, just like many other Chinese who had stopped a group of DUNs in Perak in defense of Nga and Ngeh’s outstanding profiteering from PAS wanting MB post last fall.

You see Arif, you are looking at a mirror, and then you start complaining about Mahathir’s grey hairs and all UMNO guys’ hard noses, but now, the mirror reflects your own grey hairs, and your own hard nose. Can you see, your guys, with Ubah Roket Style’ too are sleazy, sneaky, “eat eggs alone”, and are also a group of Baghdad Thieves. You know what I mean, don’t you?.

If you think you are a good father, why should you do such a lousy deal. Of course PAS wanted the post as MB, but then, cheating the people of Kelantan by asking easy term through a new friendship with Nicky Aziz wasn’t a good deal. It was a thief style. You have been talking about good governance from the start, and in the end what have you done?.

That’s why you have asked “On whose side do you stand?”, I laugh at it, and of course more and more people will say, “we stand on our side, that is the side who never lie”.

Surely you would know whose side these people will choose. And that is not your side. Hope, you come back to planet of earth, where you can ride a horse, like many others who can ride with no restriction. Sorry to know that you live in the Planet of the Apes.


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