Hey, why so hoo haa about Malay in DAP, DAP is all Chinese and some Indians party. Can all of you rest your head!!

I feel very awkward when Malaysians are brouhaha about Malays in DAP,  why Malays are so concerned about Malays in DAP, it’s about all Chinese and some Indians party for the past 47 years. So what is so a big issue about its composition now?. It has nothing to brouhaha about at all.

Now, they say they represent leadership for all. Okay, now let see what they teach Malays?

They teach Malays to do activities that Muslim can’t do. For example they teach you to go for a quick “urut” in their shops, or have a go with a Chinese doll sometimes, or pick any prostitute in the “urut kaki shops”, or perhaps buy 4 D numbers. All things or activities Muslim can’t do, they can do, so that they will teach you how to do.

What else do they teach you. They teach you how to read Quran. Yes, they do teach you that also. They teach you how to preach in surau or mosque.

They don’t teach you about loyalty, or about honesty. They don’t teach you these kinds of value. Otherwise Tengku Aziz is still with the party. They don’t teach you how to grow your business, in fact they grow their businesses for themselves. Why don’t they teach you loyalty?. Because, honestly, they are only loyal to the Chinese, MPAJA styled group. So, why are you so concern about none of the Malays in CEC? Is there anyone a high-caliber among the Malays. No, none.  You see in Singapore, who are the people or race that earn high-ranking in the military, the education establishment, the commerce or finance, or you just name it, whatever field, Malays are not chosen. Why, because they don’t know honesty, but they only know loyalty to the race, the Chinese race. But they don’t teach you loyalty either.

What else did they teach you?. They teach you if a Malay wants a post of MB, the party for which the Malay is a member must give 10, 000 over acres of Malay land to the Chinese., or else , kulum pelir. Provided that the Malay man is a stupid fellow, some soft of a kind that of a Nizar, or someone like that kind.

They teach you about Islam which in their opinion is not a good religion, in that all rules made by PAS in accordance to Islam aren’t good enough and are good to go without them. They fight Malays in PAS. They fight Malays in UMNO. They fight all Malays in Malaysia. So, why are you so concern about nonexistence of Malays in DAP’s high-ranking party politburo?.

They go against Islamic State. But, quietly, they fucked Malay prostitutes, who proclaimed Islam as a religion. They don’t expand Malay’s economy, but they like to expand Chinese’s economy. See Tan Sri Syed Mukthar!!.

So, what is good about DAP’s Malay numbers?, don’t you understand all about this stupidity they think we are in as a group?.

We are so stupid, and they are so smart. They think. No, they are as stupid as anyone else they think they are when they brought in two Malays as CEC. And the stupidest of them all in the list are the Deputy Chairman Arif Sabri or Vice Chairman 11, Aspan Alias, if ever they were appointed in the list.

dappolitburo2013Do they teach you good things over the past 47 year?.

NO. They don’t. So, my friend, what is so good about how many Malays in DAP?. Please don’t use my bangsa’s name ever again associating with DAP. Please use other name as you pleased, but not Malay. Perhaps, you can use Jakun or something like that.

You see, MCA says the party is a Chinese party. It never lie. The party never lie. All of them are Chinese. I see none is a Malay, so why don’t you brouhaha about the nonexistence?.  Who among the Chinese in Malaysia are the liars then? Surely they are in DAP.

So, guys, go to hell lah all of you JAKUN who support DAP.


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