DAP Christians are playfull, aren’t afraid of a full blown war from Muslims

We the Muslim have been made a scapegoat by DAP’s Christians in most aspects of our daily life. Never before we see such heinous acts from our fellow Christian community members causing disturbance in hearts and minds of Muslim in this country against the Christian community.

Hudud law and syaria rules are laughing matter, what more usage of the name of Allah which becomes a subject of playing ground for prejudice against Muslim.

At the height of power by the opposition parties, PAS and PKR, Dap’s Christians were playing fire against the Muslim by big-mouthing with a lot of slandering words and now when the power of the duo residing by lower supports from the grass root, we see a rise in objections from Muslims in this country for the unfaithful act against the people who in the first hand allow them to live in peace in this country. So it goes against Nurul Izah, seen as a scapegoat for the non-Muslim to annoy Muslim.

A small numbers of Christian but with big mouth will make them a subject for a constant provocative subordinate. We never had in any occasion in this country religion based clashes occurring which are not until now that we see a lot of hatred forums arising from the seeds grown by Christians DAP which, I am sure, will be the basis for future religious clashes happening in near future.

No one can say one religion is better than the other, especially true to the Christian minority living in a Muslim majority ruled country, like Malaysia. Other countries which have similar demographic details already have brutal damage arising from clashes from the need of either groups telling the other that their religion is always better in all aspects of life.

The spats arising from sharia ruling in Kelantan are becoming a laughing-stock to many non-Muslim. But the failure in planning by PAS government in initiating and implementing such rules in first place doesn’t make Islam a weak religion and shouldn’t become a subject for comparison between the religion.

We hope for peace and stability of the country, Christians or non-Muslim should respect each other’s religion and be mindful of the power within the majority of Malay Muslim. Bak kata perpatah”Sarang tebuan jangan di jolok”, so when it comes to religion even the weak, the ones who received constant bickering from you, will become very strong.  Be careful bro, I want to live in peace.


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