They tell lies all the time because God will always forgive them – Ulamak?

At least some of you non-Muslims know very well how tough life will be for Muslims living  in Kota Bharu or else where when hudud or syaria laws were to be implemented in a way PAS likes. That small numbers of cases involving non-Muslim in Kota Bharu for cases involving indecent behavior in public space have attracted huge draw from non-Muslim across the nation.

When it comes to public’s scrutiny PAS as always will retract, as an ulamak, they, party members, can lie. And lie they did. But the truth is that by giving out summons to non-Muslim it pleases majority Malays in the state thus garnering support from the grass root who are not happy with the behavior of Non-Muslim whom they thought the cause for the rise in indecency in the state.

This technique will surely be used in other state later when the party battles for the country leadership in Putrajaya. Believe me, I don’t lie to you at all.

Today we see details of the summon everywhere in the cyberspace, which yesterday they, the party members, told us there were no such cases or summons involving non-Muslim for indecency or “khalwat”. It is lucky for these people because the law is still not being implemented fully as yet, otherwise, they would be subjected to “stoning to death”, as in many of similar cases involving women and men in Taliban ruled country’s Afghanistan.

So, ulamaks can lie, because God will always forgive them. And not us. We cannot lie and as always we never lie.

PS: Just give your opinion: how a Muslim couple falls in love and caught in a hotel room because of their love affair things. They cannot get into a love affair. When they have a baby out of the relationship, they throw the baby in the public space. Good dam. For information of the non-Muslim, many Muslims go to Narathiwat to form up their marriages or go out of the country for other “love-affair” things. This country isn’t safe. It will not be much safer if you choose Pakatan to rule. Well, I never lie, tell you. He he he.


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