Bila pemberontak Syria (Sunni Islam) bunuh semua termasuk ramai Kristian, DAP Subang Jaya tidak adakan demostrasi bantahan kah?.

Tony Cartalucci | |November 28 2012

Ramai anggota PAS ahli Shiah, so, tak per kut.

Terrorist dari Libya di export ke Syria. “Hang tembak semua, termasuk Christian, biar gol semua nya okay?. Faham?

Twin car bombs carried out by the Western-backed so-called “rebels” have killed dozens of civilians in a Christian-Druze neighborhood in Damascus, highlighting the sectarian extremism, not “democratic” aspirations, as well as the level of depravity, driving opponents of the Syrian government. Immediately after the explosions, and as casualty figures began trickling in, Associated Press (AP) attempted to spin and downplay the act of terrorism, claiming in its report, “Twin car bombs kill 20 in Syria, hospitals say,” that:

Syrian hospital officials say twin car bombs have killed at least 20 people in a Damascus suburb that is mostly loyal to President Bashar Assad.

Read full text here:


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