Latest News on War on Gaza

The following video shows an interview with a Palestinian, which interrupted by an air strike in Gaza.

This month’s attacks have produced similar figures – three Israelis killed compared to at least 82 Palestinians and more than 680 injured since Wednesday last week. See the human living conditions in both sides of the wall.

UMNO and BN members too have kids like in the above picture. PAS was trying to “kill” them too?

We have the right the protect our life and family too like the Israeli, haven’t we?

How dare PAS says such a controversial sermon to severe all Muslims in UMNO and BN? Are they also Zionist? It is a terrible and irresponsible Islamist group in Malaysia, isn’t it?. To PAS for all group, please take this undesirable PAS’s altitude into your consideration in supporting such a lousy leadership, who knows you are the next target. Perhaps the best option is to leave it and get yourself free from lie and torture.


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