Follow Jews of Terrorists? Don’t invite such event into this country.

Mat Ell | Innerblog | 17 November 2012

I don’t think Muslims should do a kind of prayer to destroy other Muslim in a Muslim country. What we normally heard is Muslims do a kind of prayer to prevent non-believers from hurting and destroying Muslim. Such as those in Gaza; people are killed by thousands.

So if these Muslim do something like this to another Muslim and in a country the world over called a Muslim country these people are asking for trouble.

Are these people inviting terrorists into the state?. There will be people who don’t like this kind of act and what happen if they will go over there and burn you down;  or inviting people to fight over your idea and the whole thing become a conflict like in Southern Thailand?

Don’t over react as if you are always on the right track all the times.  Please prevent such a split in this country.


Now I want to ask you ; what religion are you following? I don’t think this sort of doing is Muslim!. No way.


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