I am sure our laws also support logic

There are “ho-ha” acts everywhere, both from the government ruling side and the opposition ruling house. Simply because they like to make news sustaining the political moves they made to garner grass root support.

In Penang, DAP’s state government sold a 0.45 hectare state land to KLIDC (Kuala Lumpur International Dental College)  at something like RM11.5 million last year. Later in the year, it sold it again to another, but this time to BN Youth, the ruling party’s representative, at something like double the price of the previous sale, to RM22 million.

DAP’s made a huge profit from the sale of the land at (RM454.20 minus RM237.40 p.s.f) RM216.80 p.s.f or RM10,501,358.40.

I am sure, DAP’s supporters will likely refer BN Youth as a stupid investor (“bodoh”). Do we allow a government to do such a thing?  Of course we have laws that protect innocent investors such as BN Youth who, by buying the land, will have an area to develop affordable homes for the needy. The government should not cheat such a noble investor.

In this instance, nobody in the right mind would buy a piece of land, which has been sold to someone else, or under normal circumstances the new owner would definitely object to the sale if the due process of the sale has been completed.

Unless, the new owner is informed of the new deal and is made a party to the DAP’s new proposed sale sharing in the potential profit, the sale would seems as a logical process. Let assume, new owner now gets 70% of the new proposed sales profit which could amount to RM7, 350, 950.80. Now, everybody in the right mind having such a big amount from the proceeds of the sale will ever object to the proposed sale?

Bu then the logic is, you cannot sell the land that you have sold. For whatever reasons they may be, later may decide to sell again. You can sell if the new owner agrees, and who won’t agree in this instance if the sale was purporting making a huge profit?.

The logic is the government can’t do that. The government must support the system used by ordinary people. This blatant ignorance of the rule cannot be made legal in this country, otherwise, there will be lot more so called “cheating” involving investors so our country’s transparency index  downgraded again.

I am sure there is a law that protects investors such as BN Youth. There is also a law that will support BN Youth to obtain the land at RM11.5 million, the original price, instead of having to pay RM22 million for no apparent reason. The logic says so. And to make sure that is happening, the  people of Malaysia will have to prove it by employing professionals to make a proper property valuation on a piece of 48, 438 sq ft land which been earmarked for a low-cost housing development.

Another “ho ha act” is on AES. This is an interesting subject. MOT, as a big brother, has forgotten that when they lay cameras in the concessionary roads’ land boundaries has no power to do so, or has it?. As a government, they already receive payments from the concessionaires of the roads and highways. On the other hand, it is the duty of the concessionary to give good amenities for the road users within the boundaries where the roads or highways are built.

This is our area, and we have paid you to use that area in terms of concessionary fees. Now you want to engage another concessionary to get money out of the system, how much do you pay us so that the new concessionary can use our space which we have paid you by the concessionary fees?.

That they did, and now the government is forcing the concessionaires to accept another “liability” to users by installing cameras in their areas where the roads and highways are built. Do they agree to such installation and how much money or fees the road concessionaires will receive from MOT if that installation is allowed in their boundaries? And that we road users too can object to the concessionaires if the agreed to the installation by asking reductions in toll fees, because we now are made subject to another liability, and not an amenity, when using these paid road systems. The logic will explain next.



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