Guru Inggeris baru untuk blogger Pakatan

1: No one sit between to separated them when they get married  #RESPECT.

2. Then y got someone sit between at the married couple to separated them?


See : this blogger. 

Can anyone helps this guy who has inability to write in English? Perhaps he attended a school in Papua New Guinea.



3 thoughts on “Guru Inggeris baru untuk blogger Pakatan

  1. the second sentence, perhaps someone would write like this: Why our PM’s wife sits in between the bride and bridegroom?, Is she trying to separate the couple?

  2. So, now, we understand the blogger main idea. which is to blame our PM’s wife for the seating in which he thinks has separated the couple. But, he has forgotten that, it is an acceptable protocol for high dignitaries of the state to respect the couple by seating in between to show high respect on the couple’s happy marriage ceremony.

    But we also can understand the reason for his writing i.e to smear PM’s wife for no apparent reason. What is wrong with our people, those in the Pakatan?. Hay wire because of jealousy?

    Well, he has to learn both, the way to write and the way to respect our own custom.

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