Look, MCA never argued about hudud before, but now…may be for a political mileage?- Dr Mahathir.

What?, now ONLY they’re arguing?. Never before?

I will tell all of you that it wasn’t only for  political reason after all, and its all about giving signal to DAP to go ahead with Plan B, i.e, “if we lose out the GE PRU 13, we’ll be with you guys, after all, we don’t want hudud too, and what’s the heck with Islam and Malay supremacy?.

If you read tweeter, you will find young Chinese blokes are saying that they speak better language than Malays who speak ONLY BM, and that their voices are heard in Hong Kong and all other Chinese countries, so  they are better people to run this country. So they said. Don’t you realized that gesture?

They are 7 million people, and we are 19 million people. In a war when everyone is given a gun, and there is no foul play at the battleground or ground zero, I am sure 19 million would win. But that isn’t happening because we condemn war and uphold ONLY democracy. Unfortunately,  democracy too has its foul play.

So AES is planned to raise some concerns over people’s ability to pay speed traps summons. Who are the people who can’t afford to waste money if they aren’t from the 19 million people?.

Who planned that?

If BN still believes in MCA, or Gerakan or any other parties that have special relationship or interest with DAP, I will tell you that  BN  or UMNO is dumping our opportunity to survive in own country.

It is up to you to believe me or not to believe me. I couldn’t careless.

But I have doubts over MCA’s sincerity, and that  it doesn’t play truant here in lambasting us, the Malay, after all.

Sometimes, a simple thing can be deceptive. Be careful, if you like your food!!!!!.


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