DAP is pursuing PAP’s inspiration to be on top!

Like it or not, that was what I thought about Lynas and Green demonstrations in Gebeng, Pahang and in Pengerang, Johore this year, which were, by the number of the Chinese participants, seems orchestrated by DAP.

Now if that is so, we Malaysian, can’t afford to give support to such an idea which may destroy our own destiny in the new global economic world market.

Singapore’s free market as an open economy is no stranger to Malaysians. Likewise we too can be as good as in its open economy. Corruption free status as given to Singapore soon will be with us also as we have seen many and serious efforts by our government to stem such negative perceptions, both in the government and in the private sector.

If everything is in place, Iskandar Johore will be the window of Malaysia for “work, live and play”, and it rivals to Singapore’s own “work, live and play”, the common global arithmetic and marketing verbs in attracting high wealth nationals or countries to invest. Iskandar will create greater competition if Selat Tebrau  were to be opened with a new bridge connecting to Singapore.

Why Iskandar is a window to Malaysia’s next economic growth regional area?. Iskandar is planned on 2, 217 km2, three times the size of Singapore. It will have a density of 631 persons per hectare, as compared to highly dense Singapore of 6, 003 persons per hectare, falls short of Hong Kong’s 6,301 person per hectare.

It will be the place to manufacture raw materials for export, from Electrical, Electronics, Petro and Oleo Chemical, Food and Agricultural processing, Logistic services, Tourism and healthcare services, Educational services, Financial Services, and creative products. Special economic corridor from Tg Pelepas to Pasir Gudang alone will rival that of Singapore’s own similar services. What more if Iskandar is running at full strength.

Singapore is relying on import of raw materials for add-value export, such as water fabrication and oil refinery. The chunk of its economy however comes from port services, the financial sector, and the bio technology. As India opened up its own oil refinery, Singapore’s oil refinery sector is shrinking, moreover with plans by Petronas to create a deep sea Port near Pengerang, Singapore reliance on oil refinery will be diminishing. Already some  owners of oil refinery in Singapore are looking at the possibility of divesting their investments in that Island State to another area.

Iskandar will be developed within JB City Centre, Nusanjaya, Western Gate, Eastern gate, and Senoi Skudai area. If these areas are fully developed with the intention to maximize “work, live and play” marketing strategy based on the planned economic activities, Singapore will have to admit that they will have to further enhance its capabilities from a stiff competition in all its economic activities from neighboring countries, not only from Malaysia, but also from Indonesia, Brunei and Vietnam.

So DAP, are you helping us as Malaysian, or Singaporean?. I know all of you are Chinese.


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