AES, a broom gift again by BN, please don’t give a broom. Its suwel.

It’s interesting to know both views on installation of AES.

Some say it is a noble exercise to educate public about speeding and red light crossing which among the reasons for road accidents that cost government RM9 billion a year.

Well, some say it is a way MOT or the government is helping cronies to ripe super profits in time when the country’s economy is down-sliding domestically and internationally.

See who own what here.

Those who cross the red line and speeding were already dead. Government should not get worried about those dead bodies anymore, should they? What the government should worry is the living.

Those who do not die on the roads are those who live because they don’t drive recklessly or speeding over the red line. That is why they are still driving until today. It isn’t fair for the government to punish the careful drivers who aren’t dead yet.

The government should punish the dead or please look into the transaction involving AES.

They were the ones who caused accidents. The amount the government spent on the dead of RM9 billion should be rightly used to speed up providing a good public transport system within the town and intercity.

Why it takes so long for MOT to finish off construction of double tracking and what has happened to proposed new bus services, and LRT and other means of public transport. What are you all doing in MOT?  Lunch with monkeys?

MOT has challenged the public to accept AES’s system by obeying the system thus bankrupting the companies who had installed the system.  What a shit suggestion!!!. Stupid. It isn’t the time to challenge people at large when you, the MCA,  are weak.

Wish to tell MOT that they will accept the challenge by throwing MCA into a dustbin in next PRU 13. MOT does not have to worry about it at all, they said.

The time for the public to really know the caring of the government by either to listen to naive voters or to greedy profiteers.

People’s perception is that AES  enriches a third-party, or friends, or cronies by millions, even though at zero cost for the government. “What is zero cost and yet we are paying”, they said.

“Please fix the cameras in graves as dead crazy drivers are waiting for you”, they said.


14 thoughts on “AES, a broom gift again by BN, please don’t give a broom. Its suwel.

  1. Are you serious ?

    AES system is a way to educate people. Strict enforcement is the best way to teach malaysian to adhere the rules.

    That is the reason why the camera location is made known together with its coordinate. You can even install a warning mechanism in your GPS to look for the camera area. You can clearly see the camera from far. You can see the warning signboard before the camera location. Everything is there for you to see and notice the camera location.

    Why ? Because the government wants you to slow down. That’s it. Just want you to slow down. If they are looking for profit, might as well they hide in the bushes and capture your speeding photo. This, for sure will give millions of profit in a short time.

    The reality is, this system is a way to ask the people to slow down. This system has been used widely in most of the developed nation. If you go to UK, you can even see this kind of camera at the 30mph road. Do the UK people complaint about it ? No. Do you want to know why ? Because they have better mentality than some of us that can even think right.

    Please, for once, use your brain.

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  3. sorry to repeat this… are using your brain ? at least for once ? Did your read back your article and did you read the articles you quoted ?

    Did you know why some of the automatic systems being taken down ? did you even read the court case ?

    tolong bro. cuba baca dulu dan fahamkan. salah satu kesnya adalah kerana kamera itu tidak mendapat FCC certification dan ianya dicabar oleh satu lagi syarikat. Your article has nothing to do with certification. Kenapa kau tak komplain kamera mobile yang biasa digunakan polis yang menyorok di bawah jambatan ? kau tak nak tau ke samada kamera itu certified ke tak ? calibrate ke tak ?

    camera system kat UK pun sama ke ? UK pakai sistem macam ni semenjak 1996…

    Don’t be hypocrite lah brader. For once, please use your brain.

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