A mentally sicked Chinese woman provoking the building management staff of PWTC

So many mentally disorder and sick persons among the Chinese today, either these sickened guys or girls are groomed to behave in such a way by provoking other people in their dream take over this country by several anti-establishment politicians or they are really from the group of so many sick and mentally disorder persons as announced by the Health Minister.

Hope Health Ministry would also fix a camera similar to AES to find mentally sick persons in our vicinity.

It is unlawful for a person to dress in such a manner into a building owned and managed by a building manager with the intention to provoke people and create havoc in the public or in a privately owned building. This disgusting act is not permissible in any privately owned building and anyone who does just the same way with intention to provoke people and create chaos deserves a severe punishment. Let the police handle this case quickly.

Anyone can do anything he or she likes in own house, own toilet, or own building. For example she can also be naked, and grind her cunt with a toy if she likes it. She can even ask her dog to lick it, if she wants a quick bust. Ask a black for a big one or stuff hers with the biggest toy available. No one will disturb her, no one, as we are in a democratic country. But of course, it is slightly a different rule outside own premises.

Doesn’t matter whether she is a Chinese or whoever. She has no right entering a building that doesn’t’ belong to her and provoke owners using racial slurs like this.

I hope DAP or whoever has requested this sick woman to act in such a way be made responsible for her action and be punished as well.

Or, if she is found as a sick and mentally ill and disordered, please bring her to nearest hospital, preferably to mental division of Putra Jaya Hospital.

She is also not fit to work in any organisation.


2 thoughts on “A mentally sicked Chinese woman provoking the building management staff of PWTC

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