Our brothers Malaysian Chinese are the happiest blokes in the whole country and world!!

Well, betul tak brother?

When I was living in the UK long time ago, UK’s Chinese citizen was fragmented. They lived in mostly commercial areas of the West End and scattered in other smaller commercial areas of Bayswater and Queensway and other smaller towns such as West Hamstead.

They weren’t into politics. Either discriminated or due low population as compared to majority whites weren’t popular for politics.

That was a long time ago, but now, they are active in politics and some of them become hopeful MP or Councillors for districts in which their ethnic composition is greater in number, such as, Joseph Wu and Stephen Cheung. The number of Chinese immigrants who are involved in politics is small compared with other minority group such as from West Hindies and Pakistan. Perhaps they are interested more in investment and business.

Compared those in the UK and our brother Malaysian Chinese, although some of the members of this ethnic minority group  were unhappy with the Malay dominated policies, the Malaysian Chinese are progressing above average in all areas, including politics.

For example, they own almost 76 percent of commercial buildings in this country despite unfavorable policies as they said, compared almost negligible numbers in the UK.  They also as minority own equity of 36.7 percent whilst others such Bumiputera own only 21.9 percent.  The richest man in this country comprises of 80% Chinese, 15% Malay and 5% Indian.

Since they are so influencing in business as well as in finance, they are making inroad in taking over the country from the Malay dominated politicians. And that they do in Penang, Selangor and Perak.

So what is left for the majority Malays and other major ethnic of the country?

If the British being surrounded with the similar treat, what would they do?.

See how Mynmar does in respect of immigrants, and see how Israel makes their country from zero land base?.

I am very sure there will be unrest over this kind of  development in which ethnic minority group wishes to control over the country politically. It seems, as the last straw to make it happens to their cause in controlling this country is looking at how their young generation idolized through Christians grandiose plans which equate similar happenings in the world vis- a-vis Islam Vs Christian, which, I think is a very dangerous way in trying to take over the country.

But, the happiest blokes living in this country is surely our brother Malaysian Chinese who almost got all our bodies tied up to their need, despite unpopularity of the Malay nationalism.

Something has to be done, so that to be fair to everyone, we , you and me, Non Chinese blokes, are  also happy living in this country.


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