Two parties system that isn’t, still a cocky-many-parties-system

Hey this is to bring you about the news on a shadow cabinet that government wishes our “other party’ in the supposedly two-parties system in this country forms a proposed line-up.

Eventually when everybody sees it, this “the quickly drawn shadow cabinet’ made by PKR, the strongest politicized partner of the three parties  in our “two parties system’ offers a jitterbugging opposition among its own partners.

“This is ridiculous, we never talk and discuss about shadow cabinet” said one DAP’s strongman when most of its top politicians aren’t in the list.

“Forget about it yeah, after all shadow cabinet is workable in Britain and other developed countries, is not practice  in this part of nations, no in Thailand so why do we need to form it here?” a PKR leader lambasting his own henchman who might have drawn such a line up following Najib’s request to give the who-who in the opposition should the opposition rules.

The main problem with our  pack of opposition is that the whole lots are practically opposing  one another which may suit its own reputation as  opposition of this country.  In developed nations however the opposition have better credibility and most people can expect  a strong opposition cause that could work for the good of a nation and its people.

Another good reason for our pack of opposition parties when they are opposing to one another is when they could only agree on one political thing – “Sex is good for the politician’s health.”  Eventually all members in the pack become very quiet when they are in this state of mind and in this  activity but busy when they are squabbling to one another on other social political activities.

Our opposition parties can easily list down ministers in a shadow porn-cabinet. I believe they can do it, without even deep thinking or reading blue ocean.

“Good heh, old vs teen” Oppositions of Malaysian Politics

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