“Cocky, Arrogant and Tokong” CAT for 175,000 voters against 1,520,000 inhabitants. My beloved Penang.

DAP and PKR – Best partner indeed.

Looking at new acronym from famous Penang’s CAT which Dr Mansor has transformed it into “cocky, arrogant and tokong”, one could wonder how 175,000 voters that represent 47.5% of the voters list  have given so much confidence and raised the ego of DAP’s members.

That vote only represents 11% of total population of the state. Perhaps, the best cause for DAP’s “cocky, arrogant and tokong” altitude as labelled by PKR arose from the total grand winning by DAP of any general election in this country that saw Gerakan, MIC and MCA removed to zero and nothing.

DAP could not force UMNO out of the State as yet. DAP can be arrogant and cocky only to PKR or PAS, who by total number of wins collected only 10 among them, whilst 19 by DAP. Surely by winning nine seats against 19 seats has pressured PKR to subdue to DAP.  UMNO is still in the winning streak, winning some 11 seats, though couldn’t form a government by joining strength with PAS and PKR. Perhaps, this is an example of a democracy at its best.

No one knows for sure what has happened to Gerakan’s 30 years experience in the politics that it has lost all seats with zero winning although garnered some 128,000 votes among them in the BN’s MCA and MIC.

Looking at the numbers, between 128,000 votes and 175,000 votes, BN’s component parties, Gerakan,  MCA and MIC are still standing close behind DAP as far as supporters are concerned. UMNO alone won 11 seats who garnered more than 94,000 votes, just a little by numbers behind PKR’s 111,000 votes.

Although won majority seats, DAP ‘s inexperience in governing a state has subsequently tarnished its reputation and eventually lost some grounds in the war of  winning the heart and mind among the majority of the population which counts to some 1.5 million.

DAP’ has promised to govern in a different way, but in the end followed the same old tricks. This time around in next general election, it’ will be a tough and demanding time for DAP. PKR’s voters are shrinking now and may come back to UMNO and Gerakan.  Thanks to its members who had left the party. The incidence in which PKR’s Dr Mansor lambasted Lim Guan Eng as “cocky, arrogant and tokong”  or the famous CAT was the best evidence of how rocky was the relationship DAP has with its major partners. As we know, PKR is a party that draws members from former cocky UMNO and from MCA, MIC and Gerakan,  who in total garnered 240,000 voters among them. If these voters go to UMNO, MCA and Gerakan by half, that number would make DAP’s “cocky, arrogant and tokong” altitude simmering a bit.  A percentage of 40 to 50% swing of votes would make UMNO and the group forming a new simple majority government next. This is not impossible as the inhabitants in Penang in the opinion that DAP’s rule is arrogant and cocky,  two altitudes that had failed all ruling parties in Malaysia.

So, Doc,  why are you so worried about your analysis, you had told the truth. All modern Malaysians want the truth.  Don’t lie. Perhaps you are entitled to lie a bit, but please not a lot, ok!


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