Cesar, we need you to balance our dog in Penang. It’s cocky and arrogant, you know.

Dear Cesar,

Our dog is just a normal basic dog, at first.  Now, after so many months, it starts chewing, barking and biting. These characters arouse when it managed to take up 19 other dogs in the house after a brief fight. It has become a hyper dog, so much obsession and territorial. Its anxiety is becoming more complex for us as a peg leader to handle. We are afraid of it that it will affect other dogs’ character in the house and start a kind of revolt against us.

One more thing, Cesar. Nowadays it starts hiding under chairs or bed when we confront it. It also likes to bite any newspapers too.

Please help.

Yours sincerely


Dear PKR,  Sirs,

Thanks for writing in and before we can start helping you balance the dog, please do the following:-

1. Lock it in a safe room.

2. Don’t allow the dog to mingle around with other dog.

3. Don’t allow it to select places where it wants to go. You select the place.

4. Don’t trust anything it does.

Until we come over to do our work on the dog, please do the above.

From me.

Miss T.


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