Spreading words of hatred will justify Talibanised ideology here?!!!.





Scare to the bones.

Some people want hudud and some other don’t want such a law. And when the opposition group stops it the people can be emotional. They can be reckless too. Just because words are spreading against the other people wish, more so if the wish is a religious belief.

We are here in Malaysia. It doesn’t happen here that way as yet. But as we are similar in nature we can be brutal as well. As a precaution, we need to stop spreading words against other people wish. The wish that relates to religion. Thus far Muslim and other brothers of other religions in this country live happily without a major mishap.

That’s the way foreign people will take over this country, by splitting Muslims and people of other religions, and it is so if the other religion is Christians. They say Christian is the religion of a modern society. So they believe.

We believe the government will see to this country’s security. There is already element of insecurity among us as spreading of words of hatred was so frequent.  You see how Bersih, Suaram, and other NGOs as well as the opposition parties are eying to use the trend in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, and other middle eastern country to topple this country. So we heard.

So, what would you and me do. Do we have to build a shelter under our homes? Or, do we pack up our food and get ready with automatic weapons? Where do we get these weapons to safeguard our family?.

Oh God. Am I over reacting or am I dreaming?

Scary dream. But they go on doing their business as usual in a private jet!.

This is first time in my life that I am so scared. Aren’t you?. Please get away all of you the communist liked party!!!  Pish…. get off from our back.

No meaning anymore.


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