Parachuted in with no knowlegde of the local history – Tunku Aziz described Lim Guang Eng

I don’t think Chow Kon Yeow minds sitting below Lim Kit Siang while parachuting, that’s why Lim Guang Eng is there.

“Penangites are smart people. Everywhere we go around the world we find successful Malaysian and most of them are from Penang.

“But why is the Penang chief minsiter not from Penang?

Even the state DAP Chairman is no use to Penang as he is not from Lim Kit Siang’s family member. He, Chow Kon Yeow should have been the man for the job as he was the state DAP Chairman.

“He has failed to ensure the availability of low cost housing for poor. Instead, he surrounds himself with developers, who are perhaps his party’s funders.’

True. It’s absolutely hundred percent true observation from former DAP vice chairman.

My observation isn’t only just that. In latest spat between strong man DAP’s Ngeh and the Malaysian Muslim over the  controversial film, DAP seems confident with  Ngeh’s low mentality in the local knowledge after he isn’t being brought up to the disciplinary committee as if DAP itself is a party with no class and of low standard of it own.

For all Malaysian, do you want to gamble your life with a party that has no class?. “If you do, you will be courting trouble if Pakatan wins” says Tunku Aziz in front of Penang Chinese audience.

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