Aerate Asia – now everyone can fly kite.

My business wishes are to gain 10% of the Indonesia cheap flying zone market!

That’s equal to possible 30 million people , ma. Thirty million fly-able men and women. Time by Rupiah 620, 000 each, you know a whopping 18.6 trillion trillion rupiah. Oh my, my Virgin boss also loses to my standard now that I am a super trillioners, ma.

You know or not?.

I already got 10 to 15% Malaysian’ s market.

That translates to 4.5 million people captured in the market of 28 million fly-able  Malaysian men and women. That’s is ciput, ma. Ciput, ciput, ciput, you know ciput or not??

He he he. Don’t know ciput kah?. You go study at a  university lah!.

Sound in the background from the tv’ news:

“Aerate Asia share plummeted from RM3.80 to the lowest RM2.95 this week after some lions from the forest were flying in the sky like a kite……

Mahu trillion ma, sekarang lugi macam itu mamaktaria lah.

“Siapa tamak selalu rugi”. Lu tidak tahu ker, itu peribahasa dari Mumbai lah, India mali.

“Apa?, siapa mamak selalu rugi?”.

“Bukan, siapa mamak, siapa tamak lah, you ni telinga korek sikit, siapa tamak selalu rugi, itu peribahasa lah bro, tak reti kah?”.


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