Change – a favourite verb in politic



Status quo

Who are the people responsible for this action?

An action that ignores the majority

Bendera Libya semasa Gaddafi, is this the kind of thing they want?

What really came out from Merdeka day celebration that PR had initiated last night was to stage demand for change in many common things we normally do during a similar celebration. We, refers to us, to the common people like you and me, those who like the first photograph above.

When Sultan of Selangor wasn’t in the list of names of public figure in the celebration, and the Army wasn’t invited as well, these acts of showing off the power of ruling a state can be interpreted as the demand for change.

What change do they want? From flashing of a new flag of Malaysia, these group want to let us know that they want to abolish the things as they are, business as usual from what we have today to a kind of republic. The flag symbolizes a Majapahit flag , which Singapore follows and UMNO too in its flag.

They want Sultan to retire, and bring in a President. That is a kind of gesture which was very common during Libya uprising, when the opposition demanded the green only flag to the current Libya flag.

Why do these people like to irritate the Sultans? I thought, the Chinese like all Sultans as much as the Malay elites? Well, ask them.

A very dangerous change, isn’t that so?


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