Kowboi Malaysia pandai: cara jerat lembu sakit Cold Cow Syndrome.

Baca sepenuhnya disini.


What is Cold Cow Syndrome?

Cold cow syndrome is an unusual disease of unknown cause, which usually occurs in early spring in lactating cows grazing ryegrass pastures. The syndrome can affect up to 80% of a group of cows The most likely cause is the intake of very high levels of soluble carbohydrates, but other suggestions include oestrogenic compounds in the plants and mycotoxins. There does not appear to be any link with weather conditions.

Clinical Signs

  • Cow appears drunk, wobbling and falling over
  • Cow cold to the touch, but body temperature normal
  • Profuse non-smelling diarrhoea
  • Sudden dramatic milk drop ( up to 100% in affected cows)


  1. The problem may occur on the same pasture each year thus avoiding the use of that pasture in early PRU may be helpful.

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