Small brain rules Penang

It was the unfortunate event for Penangite when Penang falls into the hand of DAP.

Kenapa suruh orang tak laku di melaka jadi CM?, kan bodoh tu.

The Island state receives many complaints from people of all walk of life over the past four years. The first lopsided episode was demolition of an Indian Settlement in Kg Pala in which DAP before the election had made promises to uphold the demolition exercise and assist all residents.

However, the promises were broken. There goes Kg Pala into the hands of rich developers.

Penang as an Island state which is on lease from Kedah government, requires the people who rule to have in-depth knowledge in ruling the mass as well as some basic understanding of the environment. DAP, who rules the state, unfortunately doesn’t have those skills.

Instead in many occasions DAP has decided on the contrary. For instance, knowing fully well mega property projects will increase traffic flow, DAP still approve mega project along the beach front forgetting the projects too will have effect on the hills that were preserved during BN’s rule.

When deciding to enrich the rich developers, DAP plays dumb on the numbers and the complaints from local people. Playing dumb is no offense but by giving unreasonable excuses by hiding them with lies makes Penang as a place for the dumber.

Nothing has been said openly even when a hospital is approved. Instead of common day usage of hospital as a hospital, the hospital that DAp has approved will be a 30 storey building with a hotel.

Transparency means telling everything from A to Z and don’t mislead people with false impressions. This is the whole truth about DAP. It never tell the truth. Tell half truth, hiding fact.

The truth is, it’s a chauvinist and a racial party.

Agah, tapi bodoh. Kata orang Kelantan.

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