DAP is gready to turn around the country into its own chauvanist state

Selangor water crisis stems from a self motivated political warfare between DAP in the background of Selangor’s state government and the federal government at the fore front, and the result from this superficial political warfare is to harm BN in the next general election.

Already people from Pakatan, the bloggers and the lots, are spinning lies about inefficiency within Syabas management a company that the state too owns a part of the supposed inefficiency.

There are thousands Chinese operators who earn more than RM200 million a year running brothels, cut throats loan businesses, and all sorts of illegitimate corporations whose money is distributed among their own clan’s use and their political well-being within this country. All these happening are hidden from public but yet many people are pinned into believing how a small fry in Syabas earns million a year for effort in shouldering the burden of so much debt (RM2.4 billion) of the previous water asset company. Giving such huge debt, I don’t think any Chinese billionaire would want to handle, even when they earn money by duplicating illegal cds or selling chicks to sex hungry Malaysian.

This is all about perception, that BN is a corrupt government, but they are very clean of all the above rubbish. The perception which brings about to the people’s mind that BN is a heinous government, and that Langat 2 costing RM3.94 billion of dollars is a cut throat investment for the cronies.

Now, let me tell you, if the power is in their hand, who would they give the job in distributing water from Kenyir, which is estimated to be more than RM11.64 billion? These politicians are shrewd people who are using us to give them power to skew money out of the budget that we are supposed to have the benefit.

Both are so smart manipulators. Both sides have own cronies too. So it is better to give to the majority than to give to the Chinese who beside the minority in this country already screwed us with so much money in their pocket through illegal businesses? Do you still want to give these small eyes large nose and straight hair people with another RM11.94 billion project they hope they can spin people over  this water and Syabas issue?

It is our right to choose our own people and the people  who we trust to lead , and we don’t trust DAP at all.  We don’t trust you at ALL. I don’t care if these Malays earn RM5 to RM10 million dollar a year, as long as they do a legitimate business, and solve our problem. Rather than having small eyes guys who hide accounts that we may not know how many hundred million more they have hidden. This is their country and they can earn as much you are earning, but do we do illegitimate business? We are at par if we do.

All of you lucky to live in here, go to Mexico, all citizen half dead, and go to America, they too are nearly dumped into graveyards.

You know what I mean?

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