If Hudud is allowed in PAS government, it should also apply to non-Muslim on similar offense

Parental guidance is advice.


If someone who is a non-Muslim, such as Chinese or Indian or Indon, commits adultery, theft and similar offense, he should also be punished under the hudud law, such as to cut off hands or foots.

This is happening everywhere in the Islamic countries that PAS and its leaders are following, such as in Afghanistan. If this is not being carried out equally, then there isn’t any equality and may subject to racial unrest in a multi racial and religion country like Malaysia.

Leaders who are responsible for the people’s suffering in Afghanistan. The holy and ulamak men, so they said.

Read more about hudud here.

So, all non-Muslim huh, still want to vote DAP huh? You vote DAP you make PAS the leaders. All of you will have to wear turban like that guy above in the picture. Ok mah, good what?.

Me tell you only, want to follow follow lah. Don’t want never mind mah.

He he he.

Me, cannot wear turban. Its hot.

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