Collateral damage

The last incidence at JPM where a bi-polarized samurai man killed thought to be a failed grand plan by a multimillion dollar splinter group, some analysts said.

The politics of hate and blame that entrapped the hardliners, the grassroots, from the opposition parties were the sole cause that brought to the collateral damage of a decent but sick man, the source argued.

The samurai man and his companion used as the collateral damage of a grand plan purportedly to gain support from people around the world. The group supposed to underline a scheme that shows police brutality and gains support  from overseas spectators in toppling BN’s government, said the source.

The report may have its credibility, although it reported  in a sketchy form. The opposition after ruling badly in some of the states in Malaysia meets with less grass root voters’ support as fewer people were seen at  all state and the leaders’ official program lately. The attempt also is the continuation effort  from failed Bersih 3 in gaining the momentum of  voters’ support.

In the case of the bewildered sword man, the police said it’s still in the progress of investigation. Meanwhile, KPN has assured the public that the police will make a through investigation into the incidence.

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