Samurai man is a bipolar man?

Khalil Afandi Hamid, a 47 years old unemployed who was killed after attacking JPM with a samurai sword was using a blog to tell his story. You can read his posting to know him a bit more.

Oh well, we have lost someone who was crazy, who had gone berserk over religion, over Islam, and over humankind. He was supposed be treated in a mental hospital or at least at a right place. There would probably be hundred of him around. What do we as a society suppose to do with this sort of man? Who are the people who are responsible for his acute hatred of the establishment or perhaps, his suffering as a result of possible brain tortures?

No 1 question: He wasn’t employed. Was he a lazy person? Indonesian laborers work early morning, walking the street when most of you asleep. When they paid, sent part of the income home.

But one thing we are sure of, that there many people who are homeless and jobless. They hate the government and the establishment when they are like that.

Anyway, there are many questions, which we have to find answers. These answers would help us to prevent a similar incident.

Well then read one of his blog’s posting here, and find out why the politics of hate and blame, Islam as politics, has a serious consequence to the thinking of an ordinary and unemployed citizen of Malaysia. You and me included.


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