Pity is shown in Rohingga but not in ownself? Shame on YOU.

Since DAP, PAS and PKR become the attractions and the source of political inspiration in Malaysia many citizen of this country have been ‘zombiedized”.

First of all; they are made to think that a minority can be a PM, or precisely, a non-Muslim can be a Prime Minister in a Muslim majority country. Which country in this world such a thing is happening? This tricky proposition was systematically enforced and been embroidered into the mind of the aggressors among us, mainly the poor and the misadventures, to think it is time for a rebellion by the greedy politicians. They have grown out of proportion from among the citizen of this country who has been by choice misplaced, misunderstood and had failed in life.

Two; this tactic of suppression in the mind  to confuse the citizen wasn’t unfamiliar in the history of political rebellion. Rebellions among leaders in times of the Roman Empire stemmed from such a tactical maneuver. Nazi too used a similar tactic. Our live has been destroyed.

Three; where in the world an alien who was given a free meal bites the hand who had given him protection? Read Rohingga in Myanmar. What has happened to this group of people?

They suppressed people by divide and rule tactic then creates anarchy in our daily life. This must be stopped. Or, we are going to see more lunatics in the street drawing not only swords but also bombs and heavy machineguns.

Don’t create a bi-polarized citizen in Malaysia, please create a better future for all Malaysian by understanding who we are, where are we from and what a nation wants from you.


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