DAP is dominating so what do you want to do?

Today in the news was about DAP’s intention to secure 90 parliament seats. By that number other component parties will have smaller seats making DAP the dominant leaders of the Pakatan, if they win the next general election.

Everyone, the Malay and other who are the supporters of the government, is beginning to “ho ha” about it. More precisely the choice of a new PM being at the center of their discussion or dialog, and that brings about stories that a Chinese government with a Chinese PM is likely to rule this country if that is the case.

That’s quite certain if that is happening, so why do you all get worried. After all, Chinese are also the citizen of this country. They have the right to speak their own language and nothing has been done about it. When they are in the government as an alliance with BN they are given free hand to handle Chinese population, and they did with some integrity and have been successful. It’s about sharing a country with other races, and when you share you will share everything.

Now let me ask you, those who “ho ha” about seeing the possibility of a Malay being removed as number one in the government. If that’s a grand plan and all of you know it from the beginning, then what have you done over the last sixty years. Tell me, have you done enough in safeguarding the majority who would always want their people as a leader, or what have you done?

When in power we are always forgetful. When the power is eroded because of your own misadventure, we blame the people as the ones who were trying to dispose you from the power. There are always reasons for people to disbelieve in your policy, for instance, giving education to all Malaysian. When you are about to begin your career later you are bound to face discrimination at all level, be it in private or public sectors. It is a racial sentiment or hypocrisy sentiment, both are most detrimental to the social wellbeing of the Malays especially and the Chinese or other races in particular.

Tell me how strong is the Malay now economically that most policies by our government in the last 50 years were heard so much in favor of this group. If you take all buildings in Kuala Lumpur that are owned by non-Bumiputra, you will be looking at KL as a “padang jarak padang terkukur”. There are few old brick houses in Kampung Baru, which you feel great about?

The majority of Malay vote for a Malay dominant party no matter how the policies were churned and failed. Ask the grandma and grandpa of the villages in all states of Malaysia, Sabah and Serawak included. You have said that these people will survive in the next century and they are happy with your promises. And they are the majority.

Now what we are seeing is that people are beginning to ask someone else to do your promises, and God forbids, if that someone is from a party that is chauvinist and anti-Malay in real sense. If you can’t do the balancing act during the last 60 years tenure, do you think these guys can?

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