Bahasa Cina untuk musnahkan Negara, ok buat lah, np!!

Bahasa Cina

If the Chinese in Malaysia have requested the government to allow mandarin as main language for Chinese schools in Malaysia, so what is the problem? They have been using mandarin all the while in their schools in the last sixty years. Nobody cares do you?

Another point is that they don’t want Malay as their language as evidence from the lack of Malay oral competency for almost all Malaysian Chinese. Another glaring example of how deeply they hate Malay language is that mandarin is used in their daily conversation in the group of other Chinese all the time.

So be it. This is the reason Indonesia is becoming a better place for business as well as a place to live in the next ten years. There aren’t any racial disputes; neither many national languages too. It has the right number of population for business expansions. Indonesian Chinese don’t speak mandarin, they speak bahasa all the time. That is also true for Thai Chinese when they only speak Thai. And Singapore Chinese they speak English. ONLY Malaysian Chinese are arrogant with their mandarin, so be it. I don’t care if they don’t speak Malay either, because that is what they want, i.e. they don’t want Malay language, as simple as that.

Now you were saying to revoke their citizenship in protest of their act of arrogant. Well, they own almost 2/3 of this country’s asset. Are you saying you are going to have another Mugabe?. Well, that isn’t the way to do. There must be another way.

Malaysia is now a ruined country. There is nothing much you can do to all three races which are hardliners; every one race says they are the master. Chinese say they pay the most taxes and must get what they want, the Malay say they own this country so they must have what they want. The Indian say this country is their too, so in the end everybody will fight and the country is ruined.

Nobody has seen so much ruin in this country except on the days after 2008 which have brought hardliners, the capitalist envied DAP and the gang, in the opposition and ruled some states as a base to be the challenging Chinese government.

Chinese are becoming too arrogant and seeking power for the control of this country and no one has seen that kind of empowerment over the last 100 years. Number doesn’t count much in politics but it will in time of a war. So, let us assess our asset carefully.

So, let ruin this country and let us finish it, and fast. I don’t care, do you?

BTW, do you think other people of the world have high respect of this country? Nah, no they don’t. They don’t especially when all these nonsense, hay-wires, and kacu bilau in the politics were rampant of late. Go and see you buttock with a mirror when you say a high amount of FDI is the level of respect you gain from people of other countries. That has nothing to do with respect.

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