Don’t understand lah, cik gu, what is it?

These Talam deals, all are seemed to be hay-wired and confused, and thanks to these corporate supermen in the Selangor government.

First fact that is confusing me is having Selangor Industrial Corporation (SIC) borrowed a loan from CIMB at RM392 m, and then, MBI,  given a grant by the exco the same amount to buy the debts. MBI then purchased the debts from SIC, which then used the money to pay back CIMB?

Anyone, can you tell me what is it  huh? Oii mamak, bawa teh tarik lagi satu, hey,  aney, ada faham ke ini macam?

So, where is the debt recovery here?

After selling all those lands belonging to Chan Ah Chai, the state government said they have collected a sum of RM676 m, together with SIC and MBI transacted and borrowed fund and grant.

La, susah mahu faham lah. I thought those who have debts must borrow money to pay them up. Ini macam syiok lah, other people must borrow the money first and then ask these people to pay your debts for you. That means, huh, that guys still owe me money lah.

You surely have a good deal lah Chai, opps sorry, Talam.

Confuse, confuse. Me study sekolah attap, where got the brain!! Tell us more about these debts lah.

Oii mamak, lu punya teh tarik sudah sejuk lah, kasi panas sikit!.


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