For those who perfomed takbir in ceramah Pas for all – do you fully understand the meaning of Takbir? Oh really?

Parent guidance is advice.

This is just a reminder for some people, those who don’t really understand the true meaning of takbir, to ponder a bit about the practice elsewhere else. I believe, the truth about it is deeply rooted in the religion itself. It gives a sense of being humble to God and that for whatever they do after that ritual of takbir, even by hanging people in the street for whatever reasons, should be at the mercy of God, Allah.

In this case, they do it for God. It will be difficult for people from non-Muslim community to understand the true meaning of takbir, therefore, it is advisable for you to learn it a bit before joining such a practice in the ceramah that you have attended or will be attending.

Different religion has different perception about punishment involving adultery or similar crime. I hope that those who use to practice such takbir here will not be the one hanged such as in the men in this episode happened in Iran, as the video proof.

Gog forbids.

Who knows, everything can happen when people need money and power to survive.

Insaf bro, don’t follow blindly the people who have extreme political agendas.



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