The higher the better

Everybody, the east and west, is flocking up in the heaven floor, to see God. I believe, none has seen Him in the real face. When dining at the top heaven floor of Burj Dubai, they don’t actually see Him either.

To say the Arabs, the Japanese, the Chinese, the crazy blokes as they built higher and higher into the sky, is ridiculous. The Yankees, the Brits, the Aussie too built high structures for some reasons. To say these whites senseless is also unreasonable. Everybody seems to like high level of the sky the higher the better, and proud for being able to build one.

Tokyo Sky Tree, second tallest structure in the world.

No God here.

Right now oil revenue makes Arabs in Dubai climb the highest structure they built with it. They assume they have taken over the job of their ancestor, building high structures higher than Pyramid. Even the Japanese with evidence of earthquake and tsunami in their country like impressing with Tokyo Sky Tree.

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