Sorry lah Bother Pok Nik, you go-back and go-stand, me no understand!!!

Me no understand.  You go back and go-stand.  Me think you hudud hudud you cut head. Girls girls no wear scarfs scarfs you cut head. Me got afraid. Look- look your face remember chop-chop heads Taliban did. Cut cut head films many many in the you tube. Me think no like Islam. Your Islam. Ho, sometimes huh,  the can, sometimes huh, the cannot. Me got sick head, everyday. Me eat penadol every five minutes, look look your face me got sick head.  Me don’t want you. You go out out lah. Very very long long time huh, me get sick everyday looking looking your face. Me want vote another person. You said me Kelantan girl stupid no understand “aurat”. Oh, when Majlis KB collects collects my money for rent in the pasar Khadijah, aurat aurat okay okay yeh. You huh, me don’t know where from lah.  Auta space huh?. Alien ahhh.

House Purchases have gone eerie. 

This has  nothing to do with above post. In this part we talk about our daily life. Back in KL home purchases have gone slightly eerie, a lot of home-buyers were forced to wait longer period in obtaining loans, or banks were slowing down on loan advances to home purchases due mainly to new guidelines by Bank Negara recently. Car purchases too have slowed down, and when everything in the industries is slowing down, thus money for the industry players is shrinking quickly too.

But this is not a sad story mind you. It should be well received by all city dwellers. First, home prices will be stumbling and haywire in each every corners of the urban areas. Not long ago, most of us couldn’t afford high-priced homes, but now prices of similar homes are homing down, steadily, but surely. Second: now you can hope to buy one.

Talking about home prices which were skyrocketing on unreasonable cause, affordability is now in sight for most of us. Before, home prices stay at a level of more than half a million each, with lesser people found that they are unaffordable due to lesser loan advances the residential property market is going to face a quick bubble by year end. That means, prices will be fixed according to real demand.  That is, the people who want the houses are paying the amount what they can afford.

Terraces are sold from RM650,000 each, and three storey houses of more than RM1 million. Bungalows are from RM4 million each or even at a higher price for a bigger space. Some new entry sells RM6million’s bungalow developed in new porch areas of our urban scape.

With the bubble, home price will slash downwards. Some will be badly hit while other in better locations remains slightly affected. In all, when true demand meets the supply in the market, the real losers are the greedy ones, including banks.



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