Tak der duit, tetapi hendak hapuskan PTPTN? ~Aku inginkan dirimu, datang dan ketemui aku, kan ku katakan pada mu, aku sangat mencintai mu, Oh darling petepeteann!

Mengapa engkau pergi,, jauh dari hidup ku, menyendiri lagi, menyendiri lagi, disaat kau tinggal kan diri ku pergi, tak pernah ada yang menghiasi hariku, disaat aku terbangun dari tidur ku. Maaf, sungguh ku tak bisa, untuk ku kembali pada mu…………., aku inginkan dirimu, datang dan ketemui aku, kan ku katakan pada mu aku sangat mencinta dirimu ………oh petepeteann…

Bila sudah di hentikan berteriak macam orang-orang yang kurang siuman.


I am glad that MB said that UNISEL will sponsor the students in the interim measure by liquidating some of the assets belonging to them. I would like to encourage the MB to go all over the country that how BN played politics to punish the students and where UNISEL came to the rescue by selling their land bank.  I wonder what would BN next course of action. Will they cut the access of people in Selangor to BRIM, KRIM and many other Federal own projects or perhaps deny the people of Selangor to ride KTM, LRT and use all the toll roads! WTF?- what a bunch of idiotic politicians.

The best BN had to offer to counter PR views on PTPTN is to punished UNISEL students. The students do not come from Selangor per se. They come from various parts of Malaysia. They get admitted to UNISEL to study and because of politics they are punishing the students. If I am one of the father of the students, I will swear to Allah that I will use all powers within me to punish BN for their actions. I will go to the extra mile to ensure all my siblings and family members do so. They have resorted to such a childish measure. They appear to have no intellectual capacity to come out with a decent political counter measure.

Well, well, well, “they appear to have no intellectual capacity to come out with a decent political counter measure”. Oh my, appear no intellectual capacity.  All right, whats intellectual capacity? in what form, do we have to go to the library and study about human serious stupidity?.  It is a damn straight forward issue,  a month ago you guys had gone berserk over PTPTN on the Dataran Merdeka, adakah kamu ingat apa yang kamu cakap?. By sidelines Unisel,  the government, a free elected government, is doing a prudent approach, i.e since your own doing and you get what you want. So what is the fuss? Unisel is a university runs by Selangor Government, the opposition in the federal government. Political issue is prudently resolved with another political out-bash. You mingled with PTPTN and you got what you had wanted. So what the fcuk you were saying on the political counter measure. Of course it is, we are at war with the opposition who are nut enough to demand things childishly, aren’t we? Stupid demand should always be served with a simple solution. Give what you want.

It is lucky that other institutions of higher learning are not been blacklisted. Count your chicken brother before you think of the eggs.

Anak Sungai Derhaka.

MCA Selangor chairman Donald Lim said that politics should not have come into the equation at the expense of students’ education and future.

“Whatever decision we make as the government should not take politics into consideration, but the students… we should prioritise children’s education and future,” he told FMT.

Of course, agreed. MCA member can say anything or gives any opinion he likes. Who cares. In making a policy UMNO plays as an important player, not like people in Pakatan, where PAS says they are the leaders among the three of them but in the end DAP is a true big brother in which all decisions are made by these people, as they seem to be in the public domain, and everyone must obey. Its seems that way. In any war, when the general says go to the field, this  must be obeyed by the army. If any sergeant major says, no. go the other area, who should the army follow?. In the opposition, the war game plan is always dominated by a sergeant major, not the general. This is because PAS has always think its leaders are the general, but then it isn’t, it’s an upside down line of command.

Anyway, what do you care about MCA? I don’t know, may be you don’t even care much about this party too. So what the fuss about the point he was fussing about?

So a clever approach to help students, right2write said, is that Unisel will be selling lands and use the funds  raised to finance the students. Well, it is a true intellectual approach. Yes, sell, sell, sell, and sell. It a damn  bloody easy way by selling anything and its seems that this is the only way, the intellectual way, in which Pakatan made and choose to resolve this unfortunate event, which was actually stemmed from their own leaders’ who had politicized PTPTN for support from the Mahasewel.

Hey, look at what you had said about PTPTN:

Sementara itu, Mohamad Hafizudin berkata perhimpunan itu juga bagi menuntut kerajaan memberikan pendidikan percuma kepada rakyat Malaysia tanpa mengira bangsa dan agama, bermula tadika sehingga PhD.

Well, start it now with the university. Ok. No hard deal.

I think this is a very good example how our government should react to the people when they ask for something they need. Fast and furious. It should be a balancing act to the opposition’s restless politics. Our country needs to grow without chaos arises from the unintellectual political culture the opposition is  brewing over the past four years.

It’s a truly bad-4-bloody-years of experience for all Malaysian.

Syabas UMNO. God Bless Malaysia.


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