Learning to be UMNO, PAS style.

PAS is steering its ship towards liberalism as the party, an Islamic Party in this part of the world, joins force with the liberals of the opposition parties.

It isn’t hard to see some new changes in its policy over past four years, the sacking of  Dato Hassan Ali was one of the changes it made towards liberalizing its fundamental view over an Islamic State.

A party’s survival depends largely on demand from supporters, and the country has seen supporters from all parties, Islamic or otherwise non-Islamic, have been very globalized  in views of how a state is to be handled by their politicians. PAS is learning very fast, some of the unknown territory before is now an object of obsession. Moral and immoral issues are beginning to surface upfront depicting a more lenient approach is taken while resolving and have them placed as normal issues; once were never a subject of compromise.

It’s hard to do, and the price it pays is high too. The grassroots split over its changes in the party’s policy can destroy the learning process of its leaders to be “an UMNO in the waiting”. It is one of the main concerns, as it seems, that will destroy strength of this five decades party. Already rumors there Kelantan top brass in the party line ups have discrete dislike over changes made by its leaders. By joining DAP, PAS members and supporters there feel that in leaning to be  UMNO’s spirit this will bring in more Chinese in the state Government, which, rumored the thing that they hate. Bringing in more Chinese, though now a friend in the opposition party, resembles the true spirit of UMNO, MCA and Gerakan, the BN’s  style in 1 Malaysia. This doesn’t feed well with the local Malays in the State. Some believe, this is the main reason UMNO still can’t win over Kelantan in all election until now since 20 years ago.

PAS’s learning to be UMNO but leaving a thing that could not be done isn’t a perfect job but still PAS has already willingly to replace UMNO, it said.

Imperfection sometimes is good, but most of the time is bad. Leading the main ethnic of this country requires the strength that places the party as the main doer or the policy maker. PAS can’t make this as yet. Either the process of learning is still too far to long for all members to understand that Islam is a religion and PAS is a party.

As at now, PAS is mingling between Islam as a religion and PAS as a party. They are still confusing over Islam as a religion, and that PAS is a party.

Over the weekend, some of its members were still confused that K-Pop stars performed in Bertam Nite were very nonreligious, but have in the end accepted performance of the star as a performance for change. PAS has now been more liberal than it was decade ago. And it may well pay dearly in this coming general election, as the learning process isn’t spread well enough to loyal grassroots.

With liberals, PAS one day will accept this swimsuit as a normal and acceptable swimwear. Kardishian, you may wear your swimsuit in Pulau Perhentian soon.

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