Good bye PTPTN, no more for Unisel.

Hendak sangat, ambik ler!!!!!!

When Annuar Ibrahim as informed through media said students shouldn’t pay their study loans made from PTPTN, a quick response from the authority the said loans are no longer available for Pakatan’s Unisel, the university runs by the opposition in Selangor beginning next semester.

This is a decision we want, a quick and fast decision to tell the people of this country that you should always do what you say, walk the talk.  Last month all opposition parties agreed to dispel loans from PTPTN , carried out a street demonstration in Dataran Merdeka requesting for free education in higher learning institutions and that PTPTN should be abolished.

Once removed from Unisel, Cheif Minister of the opposition party PKR has a quick response and says PTPTN should remain available as students at the university are from Kelantan, Trengganu and other less developed states, and aren’t well-financed by their poor families. The main reason behind this isn’t  the students affordability to study at the university, but I think his main concern is  profitability of the campus, which is now be affected by lesser numbers of students.

A university requires huge sums of money otherwise performance of the whole degrees run by the university will be affected thus reducing the education standard that is required of it.

Selangor Chief Minister now should know how well he can outdo his own leaders in Pakatan as he is also akin to the opposition’s requesting to abolish PTPTN and went for a free education in the higher learning. Don’t take back your word, please.

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