DAP ~ dah Aspan pandai!


Urban Malays who are incapable of living independently from the government, once the benefits are lost are always looking for the alternatives. When the alternatives too are incompatible they usually  become a candidate to be bias of any government policy and be a member of anti-establishment.

Anyway, people of any race need food to survive. The race that forms the group known as incompetence urban Malays however is always dependent on the government’s protection. In all matters, even food.

Bangla is even better equipped with some knowledge to survive and surely not these people.

Who would they go to if they couldn’t get any food as the result of their own incompetency?

The Chinese.

Who are the Chinese?


This is because whoever joining DAP is the one who has nothing but a ball between his legs. Rubbing ball is the easiest way to get money in the politics where a party is in need of incompetence Malays.

No wonder Mahathir asked why did the Tunku Abdul Aziz joined DAP in the first place?.

He isn’t the type of the poor incompetence Malays.  May be the other two blokes are more suited to be on this kind of level.

So, Aspan, rub your ball firmly, okay. You would get food there as no one would give it to you here. This is your friend advising.


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