Gerakan untuk menghancurkan negara secara demostrasi!

It isn’t easy to formulate a demonstration to destroy an elected government in any country. It may need several “ingredients”, top most important ingredient is its people’s dissatisfaction with the government machinery and that people are living in dire poverty whilst the government officials on the other hand are living on the extreme end, i.e live in the most luxurious lifestyle.

Toppling a government by demonstration is rarely a possible way in gaining power to rule a democratic country. But in certain country, combining both political will and the man on the street may lead to the downfall of an elected or selected government such as happening in Egypt, Tunisia and in other Arab States.

We are far remorse from that. To us by leaning from our own regional events that have occurred in our neighbor Thailand, may give us some hints on why a guided demonstration  also may lead to the downfall of an elected government or particularly the Prime Minister Thaksin who then was removed from his elected government here in  the  New Left Review 


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