Derelict housing area

English: Derelict housing, Corse Road, Penilee.

Image via Wikipedia

A derelict housing area is a common feature within some areas of the city center due to the fact that either the place is kept purposely for future new developments  or for some unknown reasons no one, the authority or the owner, is able to carry out improvements within the area.

It has become the ghetto of the town, and obviously attracts people with questionable backgrounds and activities.

For some, they are unlucky to leave in that area. Because of low-income jobs they were forced to stay in the area for the time being.

These are the people of this country who are always on constant touch with the true hardship in life. They are very sensitive to all government policies and are very keen for government helps and cares. They are always the ones who use comparisons of the life afforded by other fellow lucky citizen who live in proper housing areas and that of their sporadic housing units.

In late 80’s there were large chunk of housing areas which were below the standard for good human habitation. However, now there are still other areas that are left untouched for some unknown reasons.

Go to Gombak area, which is a predominantly Malay residential area. In the area around Batu Caves, near the hill, there are still areas that can be developed to make the housing units in these areas more acceptable in standard of living condition. For example by providing good roads to the housing units and a proper sanitation, the residents too can also enjoy the progress which the country has been blessed with.

Who would do just that?. So far no one has done the task to improve the condition seriously. Pity these people.

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