Orang miskin tidak berguna ditolong, la ya ker?

Both DAPand PKR’s MPs (Tony Pua and Nurul Izzah) hit out at the government’s initiative to assist the poor by extending EFF‘s RM1.5 billion in special purchasing loans to thousand low income families.

“This loan is to hide federal debt and the act of giving out the loan is seems as an abuse by the government for political motives” they said. (The Malay Mail)

It seems that both are not in favor giving the opportunity to the poor to own homes because by giving to these group of people, those kinds of unbankable blokes in their eyes,  the government is subject to high risk individuals, thus, high risk loans.

In short, PR, oh my, tidak akan tengok pun jikalau komer semua orang orang bangsat, kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang. Orang orang jenis tidak ada kerja tetap, penjual kopi, penjual pasar malam, dan pembawa teksi, dan sebagainya adalah kaum yang berisiko tinggi dan tidak layak dilayan dengan duit kerajaan yang dipinjam dari EPF.

Mereka mencadang supaya Cagamas digunakan untuk memberi peluang kepada bank bank tempatan menghadapi risiko besar masaalah yang dihadapi manusia miskin ini.

Which ever avenue the government has given its thought in helping the poor to own houses, which in any case is a property based business deal, is of course a kind of a secured venture. EPF won’t lose money especially true when the security for the loan is a property based. Urban property prices are skyrocketing like nobody business over the past decades and at reasonable entry points by the purchasers, who are, in the eyes of PKR and DAP, the risky lots, the purchaser would definitely have gained better investment returns over the years and surely EPF too would ripe reasonable payoff in any situation in the market.

Special laws need to re-enact before using Cagamas as a vehicle and the time to help people whom DAP and PKR have classed as risky blokes is now. So do DAP and PKR have a better way to assist the poor?. Tell us please.

Jangan pandang rendah kepada yang miskin, kehidupan orang orang kaya terutama bangsa Cina adalah bergantung penuh dari wang dua puluh sen orang miskin, terutama Melayu. Dan jangan pandang hina niat kerajaan ingin menolong orang orang miskin. Beri lah cadangan yang lebih baik, boleh tak.


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