Best Asian Economy

South Korea

Image by tiseb via Flickr

If you are asked which Asian country’s economy has improved the most since 1960? And measured by income per person. Is it Japan, Singapore or South Korea or the blue eye China?

Most of you would bet on China. Let us see, China made USD100 in 1965. Back in 2008 they made USD3,000 a year, that was a 2, 800 percent increase.

Japan made USD890 per year way back in 1965, and it has achieved USD38,000 now. That’s 4, 200 per cent, and better than China.

Singapore, well, we don’t have any figure. But perhaps they are doing at a peanut rate.

South Korea made about USD 130 in 1965 and now is making a modest USD22,000 a year. That is a 16, 500 per cent increase. Top among the four.

Singed off. Bye. Selamat berpuasa, makan & minum hanya dimalam hari. Siang hari – puasa.

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