Modernizing and liberalizing the Communism – releasing socialist activists linked to communists.

Karl Marx (1818 – 1883)

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Socialism is just a step further ahead before reaching communism. My understanding by being a socialist government is that when  the government owns a major part of the economy activities whilst by being a communist government, its government owns all economic activities for the people.

Communism is an illegal word here in this country for the reason that the communist party was an illegal organization and was banned to take part in the country’s politic.

As an illegal ideology PSM’s cynical attempts to reintroduce the ideology as reported by PDRM, has caused relentlessly uneasy atmosphere among the political and apolitical followers alike. The cause for concern is unrelated to liberalizing communist ideology but to the harms, sufferings and ordeals the ideologists had caused to almost million of people during their early days uprising.

Although China has a progressive government under communism this complete success of communism in that country doesn’t make it an alternative to this country’s governance.

We aren’t sure at the moment why our PDRM have released six PSM members who were detained earlier for promoting communism ideology among their  members and were said to be submissive ideologues. If they were the enemy of the state, as they were accused of when detained, but then why suddenly they were released.

Are we submissive to China’s communism ideology since the premier had visited our country and China is becoming a major trading partner? Where are we heading to now, are we on course to socialism as evidence as in the many and the upcoming stately owned and backed government and economic agencies.

Many questions but obviously they have no immediate answer at the moment.

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