Pas arr, Ramadan, also wants to play play.

Sandiwara Cina and Mak Yung – Kah kah kah

Like that arr. Today, I read Chua’s statement about  DAP and PAS‘s sandiwara Cina.

You know lah, Azizan, the MB of Kedah, said he wanted to close operation of all nightclubs during Ramandan. Aisay man, before that he would’ve had a meeting with DAP, and could’ve told the one and only big boss that he had planned to make a “wayang kulit” lah.

“You arr, when I said I will close them during the whole month of Ramadan, you make a big fuss about its closure lah, and I would reverse the closure order the next day, no problem ma!!”.

“Ahh ya, ya, ya, you arr Alilan, vely clever one, we arrr, want all Chinese in Negeri Sembilan, Malacca and Johor, think we are good one and leject MCA, and when you take over the states from UMNO we are truly a partner ma, ok, ok, I’ll play play this good one 2morrow, np. Wow, Alilan, you got blain lah in you head!!”.

Chua is right lah, that both of emms play-play sandiwara one on this closure issue.

Woo, DAP is vely sterlong lah, anything PAS does arrr, DAP can corner one, we vote DAP lah this time, and no problem if PAS becomes the head of our state. MCA arrr the cannot do like that one. It’s arrr, the afraid afraid with UMNO one.

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