Awesome in aqua: Kelly Brook titillates in turquoise as she shows off her beach body in a sea green bikini

Hey, guys I just follow Murdoch‘s style lah, put no lie at all, some sex story but not that a lot too, and some grubby stories, in my blog. Huh, I wanna be funny with a bit fun here and there. At least see-see people lah, living style of so called high society lah.

But then, don’t scold me, Kelly is fun-tastic.

Read more of the story here:

What news in the Economist

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  6. America’s debt: Shame on them
  7. The death penalty: Worse than Texas
  8. The debt-ceiling debate: McConnell’s retreat
  9. Economist debate: Opening
  10. Italy’s finances: Pub skittles, the Italian version


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